Welcome on our webpage with information about our first Dutch Open Salsa and Bachata competitions on Easter sunday 21st of April 2019.

Our competitions are 'Open To The World' and will be an annual event during the Holland Dans Spektakel. Our event celebrated it's 30th anniversary last year. We are very excited to organise these Salsa competitions for the first time. The doors of Laco Sportscenter Cuijk will be open at 19:00h. The competitions are accessible for everyone. 

First of all Femke Hermens, former Dutch Champion Salsa will present a salsa solo ladystyling workshop at 20:00h for 30 minutes to get everybody warmed-up and in the happy salsa mood. The competitions will then start at 20:30h.  Between the rounds of the competition there will be time for the spectators to have a go on the 400 square meters junckers wooden dancefloor with the best salsa music.

After the competitions (Approx. 21:30h) there will be a Mega After Party with top music provided by the one and only DJ Yuchi.


Solo Salsa Lady 
Solo Salsa Man
Couples Salsa 
Couples Salsa Wheelchairdancing (combi)
Couples Bachata
Latin Showteams

Rules and regulaties:

Solo Salsa dansers will dance their competition on salsa music (200-208 BPM)

Couples Salsa will dance slow (160-168 BPM) and fast Salsa (200-208 BPM) in all rounds.
In the final Othey will dance a choreo on their own music.
Minimum of 1,5 and maximum of 2,5 minutes.

Latin Showteam will dance on their own music. 

Minimum 2 minutes and maximum 4 minutes.
Minimum of 6 dancers in a team.
Judging criteria: Technique, Timing and Image. Judges will also be commenting your performance. This comment will be available by a download from this website.

Entrance tickets at the door for only € 10,00.
There is no registration fee for competitors. 
Everyone can participate in every competition.
For example:
Anna will dance as Solo. She will also be dancing with her partner Jim as a Couple Salsa
They both participate in a Latin Showteam with others of their dancestudio.
They only pay € 10,- per person.
Competitors, visitors, trainers, coaches, teachers, everybody will pay € 10,- at the door for their entrance ticket.

If you have a list of dancers, you don't have to enter these one by one in this form. You can send an email with their names and categories to:

Name / Names / Name Team*
Residence / Woonplaats*
Amount of dancers in Latin Showteam if applicable